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Wolfram Blockchain Labs is emerging as one of the most dynamic blockchain tech companies. It is truly exciting that users of the Agreements Network will have unparalleled access to authenticated information.

—Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax

Why Wolfram

Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL) provides solutions and services powered by the Wolfram Language, Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and assorted Wolfram technologies. The foundational technologies behind WBL have been forged and proven over three decades of Wolfram's cutting-edge R&D. WBL is now injecting that sophisticated computation and knowledge into visionary solutions for distributed ledger technologies.


The Wolfram Language has maintained code compatibility for more than three decades thanks to a consistent design process and long-term vision led by Stephen Wolfram


The Wolfram Language has built-in connectivity to a broad spectrum of languages, services, programs, databases, technologies, devices, and now blockchains and distributed ledger technologies


Decades of R&D and corporate excellence led the Wolfram brand to become one of the most trusted names in computation, and are incredibly valuable assets in their own right


We know what is possible with computational technology because we are global leaders in creating it—building cutting-edge solutions used by Fortune 500 companies

Companies Big & Small Rely on Wolfram

Key Technologies, Services & Initiatives

WBL has harnessed key Wolfram Research and Wolfram|Alpha technologies and services to provide dynamic, authenticated computable data necessary for oracle and smart contract services, as well as a full array of blockchain-based application development and analytics tools and learning materials.

Wolfram Language

Broadly applicable computational intelligence language—the core of Wolfram's three-decade technology stack


Consumer + OEM + enterprise computable knowledge engine, with direct access to Wolfram Cloud data

Wolfram Data Framework (WDF)

Standardized semantic representation for data of all types

Wolfram Notebooks

The ultimate environment for technical workflows combining literate programming and interactive publishing on desktop, cloud and mobile

Wolfram Cloud

Core infrastructure for storing data and computing with the Wolfram Language in the cloud

Wolfram Knowledgebase

Vast, integrated collection of computable knowledge about all aspects of the world

Wolfram Algorithmbase

Thousands of original meta-algorithms and superfunctions for automation of computation, presentation, connectivity, interface and even full workflows

Natural Language Understanding System

Provide free-form linguistic input to query, control, etc. devices

Wolfram Device Framework

Symbolic framework for streamlined interaction with devices, built into the Wolfram Language

Wolfram Data Repository

Long-term semantic storage of data, directly accessible from the Wolfram System

Wolfram Data Drop

Exceptionally-easy-to-use system for putting data from devices into the Wolfram Cloud

Wolfram Universal Deployment System

Broad deployment from the Wolfram System to APIs, apps, documents, embedded systems and more

Multiparadigm Data Science

Modern analytical techniques, automation and human-data interfaces to arrive at better answers with flexibility and scale

Advanced Machine Learning

Making highly automated machine learning and neural net frameworks accessible to entry-level, self-service analysts and AI researchers alike

Time Series & Signal Processing

State-of-the-art methods including descriptive statistics, filtering, visualizations, forecasts, simulation, highly automated modeling frameworks and much more

Enterprise Computation

A wide range of individual, workgroup and enterprise workflows, from development to computation to deployment

Paid Project Support

Finish projects faster or just clear some of the hurdles in your code with help from Wolfram's experts

Corporate Consulting

Enlist the world's computation experts to help with your project—any size, any level

Built-in Interactive Documentation

Comprehensive documentation and self-help materials covering the full array of the Wolfram technology stack with multiple interactive examples for each function

Wolfram U

Quick-start and in-depth courses on demand covering numerous computational topics, including data science, deep learning, blockchain and much more

Notebook Archive

Live interactive, computational notebooks available to everyone and preserved in perpetuity

Custom & On-site Training

Get hands-on Wolfram technology training specific to your industry or project

Individual Training

Customized individual training from Wolfram's technology experts

Wolfram Summer Programs

Learn from the experts how to apply Wolfram's unique approach to creating ideas and turning them into research, products and companies

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