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The addition of a decentralized storage option to enhance bloxberg's Certify & Verify service, such as Wolfram Blockchain Labs' IPFS integration, will provide users who do not operate a dedicated storage the possibility to nevertheless store their certified data. We see the implementation as an important step to enhance the user friendliness of blockchain-powered services, thus providing more users the opportunity to benefit from the unique possibilities of blockchain technology in science.

—Friederike Kleinfercher, Deputy Manager, Max Planck Digital Library

Why Wolfram

Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL) provides solutions and services powered by the Wolfram Language, Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and assorted Wolfram technologies. The foundational technologies behind WBL have been forged and proven over three decades of Wolfram's cutting-edge R&D. WBL is now injecting that sophisticated computation and knowledge into visionary solutions for distributed ledger technologies.


The Wolfram Language has maintained code compatibility for more than three decades thanks to a consistent design process and long-term vision led by Stephen Wolfram


The Wolfram Language has built-in connectivity to a broad spectrum of languages, services, programs, databases, technologies, devices, and now blockchains and distributed ledger technologies


Decades of R&D and corporate excellence led the Wolfram brand to become one of the most trusted names in computation, and are incredibly valuable assets in their own right


We know what is possible with computational technology because we are global leaders in creating it—building cutting-edge solutions used by Fortune 500 companies

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