Blockchain Analytics

Supercharge the usage, development and testing of blockchain analytics for your digital asset trading strategies with computational intelligence

Collectively, digital assets represent an enormous class of new and exciting resources. While many of these assets are solely digital in nature, in the future, all assets could be represented digitally and perhaps traded on exchanges.

However, there has been a separation of data necessary to make informed decisions, chains with significant amounts of public data and centralized exchanges with vast amounts of nonpublic data. Wolfram Blockchain Labs is working to aggregate this vast data, make it computable and democratize the access through Wolfram technologies. WBL is going even further to provide Wolfram technologies to make use of this data as well.

The Wolfram Edge

Signal-to-Execution Environment

A unified computational toolset, trusted by leading hedge funds, to handle your complete trading pathway

Full-stack Market Analysis Toolset

Built-in, up-to-date historical data from Wolfram|Alpha, web services and other custom sources coupled with the most advanced predictive analytics toolset

Extensible Architecture

Ability to add in your custom crypto assets and external data feeds


Wolfram proves themselves with a long history of software engineering and a plethora of solutions integrated into the Wolfram Language that can now be used on top of the ARK blockchain platform.

—Kristjan Kosic, CTO at ARK Ecosystem

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