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Powering blockchain technologies with computational intelligence

Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL) is a subsidiary of Wolfram Research exclusively licensed with powerful Wolfram blockchain technologies and specifically designed to extend ecosystem tools for application development for DLTs. WBL provides four distinct areas of ecosystem support for DLTs: computational intelligence for blockchain-based smart contracts, direct access to blockchain data through blockchain integrations, blockchain educational programs and crypto asset analytical tools. Each of the four projects is interconnected and serves WBL's overall mission: enabling blockchain-based commerce and business model innovation.


In mid-2014, the first of many blockchain efforts started within Wolfram Research. Enthusiasm for using DLTs spread across many groups, along with the desire to build new products such as blockchain and crypto asset analytics, educational explanations of blockchain technologies and, perhaps most importantly, providing computational data for smart contracts. In the fall of 2017, Wolfram Research pulled these independent efforts into a single unit.

Four months later, that unit became Wolfram Blockchain Labs.

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