Blockchain Integration

Enable users to understand your ecosystem and developers to build services with your DLT

Distributed ledger technologies are unique and intricately designed to support innovative business logic and architectures from incredibly broad and general use cases to narrow and specific single-purpose DLTs. As the number of DLTs grows, it becomes harder and harder to learn and build ecosystem tools to make monitoring transactions, smart contracts and services possible. Wolfram Blockchain Labs has designed and created Wolfram Language functions that integrate with DLTs to provide developers with sophisticated tools to build custom analytics solutions that can be deployed seamlessly to cloud, desktop and mobile platforms.

The Wolfram Edge

One Toolset, Multiple Blockchains

Direct access to public and permissioned blockchains through the Wolfram Language

Comprehensive Language Design

Wolfram blockchain functions are designed to be easy to use and coherently structured with the rest of the language

Industry-trusted Reliability

Wolfram blockchain nodes are hosted in the same high-performance hardware and data centers as the Wolfram Cloud


Wolfram proves themselves with a long history of software engineering and a plethora of solutions integrated into the Wolfram Language that can now be used on top of the ARK blockchain platform.

—Kristjan Kosic, CTO at ARK Ecosystem

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