Computational Facts

Power your smart contracts with computational facts based on technologies used and trusted by Fortune 10 services

The vision of smart contracts, from autonomous vehicles paying tolls to program-to-program interactions, needs knowledge about the world in order to function in any truly useful and innovative manner. However, smart contracts need not only data but also programmatically accessible data that machines can understand and utilize. Wolfram has been at the forefront of providing machine-ready computable data for over a decade to Fortune 500 companies and government organizations. Wolfram Blockchain Labs is going further to provide computational data designed specifically for smart contract usage by building scalable, auditable resources, from monitoring veracity of facts through data reliability and data integrity monitoring to the secure and reliable delivery of computational facts.

The Wolfram Edge

Built-in & Custom Data Sources

Use the broadest array of built-in authenticated computational facts or create custom sources of computable data to meet your needs

Ready-to-deploy AI

Use the same services that feed Wolfram's computational intelligence engine to power your oracle services or directly trigger smart contract clauses

Distributed Infrastructure

Globally distributed infrastructure with a proven track record of powering industrial scale solutions


Wolfram Blockchain Labs is emerging as one of the most dynamic blockchain tech companies. It is truly exciting that users of the Agreements Network will have unparalleled access to authenticated information.

—Casey Kuhlman, CEO of Monax

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